Hi everybody, today I want to take you back to the Vision/Traction Organizer™, specifically the Core Focus™ to help you understand how we put the tool to work in the organization. There are two elements of focus here.

Number one is our purpose, cause, and passion. Once they are identified and defined, we’re essentially defining our why. It’s important to make sure it’s alive and breathing in the organization, and everyone understands our purpose and wants to be a part of it. They will be driven by a cause, and get every morning because of that purpose, not because they have a JOB.

The second part is what we call our niche, and this means growing where you’re planted. It defines where you do your best work. When you nail that down, you’ll leverage your purpose, your cause, your passion, and your niche to deflect anything that might create a distraction. The reason for your Core Focus is to keep your team laser focused on what you are.

If your people come to work every day and they share your passion, they want to be a part of it, and they’re not being distracted by money or doing other things outside of your niche, then everyone will focus on spending all of their focus, attention and energy to our Core Focus. This is only going to help us grow faster and better.

 There are three things I would like for you to take away from this:

  1. Find your why, understand why you exist, and get it alive and breathing in the organization. Don’t worry about what the outside world thinks, this is an internal marketing statement which essentially gets everyone on the same page of our why (purpose, cause, passion).
  2. Check to see if your niche is over simplified. Quite frankly where are you doing your best work. Define it, write it down, and have everyone in the organization stay laser focus on it.
  3. Think of your Core Focus as guard rails. Everything you do should stay inside the guard rails. If you’re bringing a new idea to the table, or you’re coming up with a new way your business can start making money by doing something, just make sure that it serves your purpose, it helps your cause, and you’re passionate about it. If you find that it fits between those guard rails, you can send your focus, attention, and resources to it. If it strays outside of it, consider it a distraction. Challenge the thinking of the leadership team and ask if this is really something we should engage in? Or is it going to distract us from our Core Focus?