Hi everybody, today I want to talk about EOS Scorecard™ Measurables and the importance of being clear about our expectations with our direct reports as to what winning or losing looks like. When I discuss Scorecard Measurables in the room with my clients, I try to get them to understand these three things:

#1: What Gets Measured Gets Done

#2: When Performance is Measured, Performance Improves

#3: In the absence of clearly defined goals, people get busy with miscellaneous activity, doing a bunch of stuff, not sure what game they’re playing or what winning or losing looks like.

Imagine standing at the back of the door on Friday at 5PM. As everyone gets ready to leave and walks out of the door, you ask them a simple question: “Did you win or did you lose this week?”. In many cases, your direct reports and employees wouldn’t even know what winning or losing looked like. It is not sustainable for any organization to have a culture that doesn’t understand the difference.

It’s the same idea if we were going to watch a professional basketball game, and there was no scoreboard. The game would be pretty interesting for a while, watching incredible athletes run up and down the court to throw the ball in the basket. However, in a very short period of time it gets boring to watch. In the absence of a scoreboard, or in your case a scorecard measurable, work becomes boring and mundane. Your employees will feel like they are running on treadmills, trying to catch their breath, not knowing why they’re playing the game.

There are three things I want you to take away from this blog. Number one is the importance of have a clarifying conversation with every employee, making sure that they understand what their personal measurables are. Everyone in the organization should have a number, so they are aware of what winning and losing looks like. Number two, I strongly encourage you to remember that when performance is measured, performance improves. And number three, in the absence of clearly defined goals, your organization will get lost in busywork, which will not help you to grow a great organization.